Sunday, March 07, 2010

10 BToItM #7: I "Heart" Huckabees

I've written about it on this blog before, but the reality is that one post doesn't even begin to exhibit the role this movie now plays in my life.

When I'm sad, depressed, bored, or feeling aimless, I "Heart" Huckabees is what I pop into the DVD player. That blanket truth thing -- even though I hear it and meditate on it in yoga all the time -- watching it be communicated and play out dramatically in this movie... it amazes me every time. And when Albert Markovski and Brad Stand are shown to be exactly the same (in the blanket truth of things, I mean) that's not just the magic of movies. That's life, man. Like, yeah. Totally.

Huckabees makes me wish that comedies aren't so divided up into stupid, ironic, smart, satirical, and whatever other categories of comedy there are right now. Because this movie is all those things, and I could watch it over and over and over again.

And I do.

Dawn in the bonnet whispering, "Fuckabees!" Gawd... brilliant.

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